Summertime in The Office at Arizona Air Compressor…

The summer season is ideal for our Arizona Air Compressor team, but this is what we train for!  Fun fact: air compressors are not a fan of the heat; in fact you could say they occasionally refuse to work in it.  As we all know that in the great state of Arizona that’s pretty much ALL we get for about 4 straight months: HEAT!  So with that in mind, one can imagine the demand that takes place during this time of year. 

The mornings are a busy time in the office, here at Arizona Air Compressor. Lots of calls come in and appointments going out…it can be a little hectic.  Tim and Bill are the heroes that get the job done of making sure everything runs smooth.  Once they have scheduled the appointments, it is assigned to one of our more than qualified air compressor technicians.  After the parts are pulled and the guys get on their way, the office calms down (a little).  We have our regulars and new customers that come in for parts and such, phone calls requiring part expertise, and customers interested in purchasing systems.

Not every day is the same here at Arizona Air Compressor, that’s what makes it interesting.  We strive to provide the best service possible, and sometimes that requires shaking things up a little…we’re okay with that, and we shine right through!

Go out there and make it a great day!


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