F & B Manufacturing – Phoenix

When our friends over at F & B Manufacturing in Phoenix, needed to add another compressed air system (for a special application), they didn’t hesitate to call on the expertise, wisdom, and professionalism of our team, here at AAC.
The goal of this project, was to deliver massive amounts of air for a short duration of time, to a single location in the building.
That said, we plumbed 2″ copper tubing to the desired location, set them up with a new FS Curtis RS Series 25HP rotary screw compressor, installed a dryer, and this giant 1550 gallon tank.
Regardless of the size and/or scope of your compressed air needs, our team at Arizona Air Compressor can & will get the job done!
You can watch the video version of this project here:  https://fb.watch/5KdZSDlXmV/