CAID Industries – Tucson

Last week, our experts had the pleasure of installing a brand new FS Curtis NxHE Series for CAID Industries in Tucson.
* This is a large, 2 stage, rotary-screw unit, and we coupled it with 2 separate air tanks, and an air dryer unit that’s larger than most!
* CAID Industries offers six product lines; fabrication, mining technology, engineered systems, machining services, automation and manufacturing. CAID’s facilities include over 150,000 square feet of office and production facilities. (That’s almost the size of a Walmart store)
*A reliable, powerful, durable, and consistent compressed air system is paramount to Caid’s entire operation, so they chose AAC and FS Curtis Products. A 100% state-of-the-art combination.
* Our team did a great job, and efficiently handled all of the delivery, installation, plumbing, wiring, and everything else that goes with a job this size. We’re always very proud of their hard work and dedication! 🏁