A Day in the Life of Tanner Nell, (Our 19 year old protege)

Tanner’s Job

My day to day life at Arizona Air Compressor consists of many different tasks and responsibilities. I don’t quite have an official title, due to all the different things | take care of on a daily basis. One of my jobs is the warranty submission process. When one of our techs completes a warranty, it’s up to me to submit it to the company that covers that type of compressor. I input all of the info for the warranty and ensure that we receive compensation for the warranty call. I’m also sort of a bill collector. I send emails and call customers to collect payment on due or past due invoices. This can sometimes be a bit of a challenge due to many of the hoops I have to jump through to collect payment.

As a member of the office staff, it is also my responsibility to answer phone calls and help customers who come to the shop. Phone calls can consist of taking down information for a service call, technical questions, or even requests for ordering parts. When a customer comes to the shop, I help them acquire the supplies they need and help them with any concerns they may have. If I’m not able to help them, I always try to point the customer to the next best option for help, whether that be one of my coworkers or another place of business. My number one goal when helping a customer is that they leave happy and well taken care of.

My last set of responsibilities are those that are more mechanically inclined. Due to my experience working in the shop with our office mechanic David, I am sometimes called upon to prepare compressors for future sales. This involves wiring them up and test running them while also keeping an eye out for any flaws or defects with how the compressor functions. I am also an experienced forklift operator. I often unload shipments of air compressors and other stock from semi-trucks and check them in. I also perform many other miscellaneous tasks that are not noteworthy enough to list due to how many there are. In the past I would often go out in the field to assist our service techs, but now I generally stay at the office. I’ve learned many skills with my time at Arizona Air Compressor, and I hope to learn many more in the future.

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