The FS Curtis R/S Series is a WorkHorse!

Back in 2002, we installed this FS Curtis Rotary Screw at Empire Cat (Mesa). Our first-class technicians have always performed the regularly scheduled maintenance, and this workhorse has provided constant, trouble-free service for nearly 18 years!

As always, we rely on the hour meter(s) to keep our service records accurate. Our records on this unit, indicate that we replaced the original hour meter on June 03, 2009, at the time, it read 33,803 hours. On the day we pulled this unit from service, the reading on the replacement hour meter was 58,257.

Add those two separate meter readings, and this machine has provided Empire Cat over 92,000 hours of service.

NOTE: Based on an average running speed of 35 MPH, that means this workhorse has run over 3.2 million miles, and still has the original air ends! THAT is the definition of VALUE.
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